Masoumeh Mansouri

Born: 1985 From: Tehran, Iran
How many years have you been a researcher?
Since 2009
What is your general research focus?
My main research interest is to employ artificial intelligence techniques in autonomous mobile robots, with a particular focus on the use of hybrid knowledge representation and reasoning and meta constraint-based reasoning.
What interests you the most about the Semantic Robotics project?
I have the opportunity to apply artificial intelligence techniques in real industrial robotic applications. This poses very challenging problems which I am enthusiastic to tackle.
What is your role in the project?
Post-doc researcher working in Research Direction 3, i.e., multi-vehicle planing and coordination of industrial autonomous vehicles
What is your greatest success as a researcher?
My overall passion is to work towards the realization of fully AI-driven integrated robotic systems. This requires a broad perspective on robotic systems, and being able to read/discuss various disciplines in robotics and AI. Semantic Robots gives me the possibility to develop important skills in this direction.
How do you like to spend your time (hobbies, etc.)?
Reading books and newspapers (totally obsessed with reading), playing guitar and drums, painting, visiting friends

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