Henrik Andreasson

Born: 1977 From: Gothenburg, Sweden
How many years have you been a researcher?
Since 2003
What is your general research focus?
Perception – how to make sense of sensory data, especially various of cameras and time of flight sensor such as lidars.
What interests you the most about the Semantic Robotics project?
The possibility to do multidisciplinary research. It is a great team; the researchers and all dedicated R&D fellows we have from all the companies, are fantastic to work with.
What is your role in the project?
I’m leading Research Direction 2 and I assist Federico in managing the project.
What is your greatest success as a researcher?
To get machines to move, in real world and harsh conditions. Well… that is at least one of the fun parts.
How do you like to spend your time (hobbies, etc.)?
Spending time with friends and family. I do enjoy flying various of things and I still have my church organ at my house but don’t find much time these days.

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