Federico Pecora

Born: 1977 From: Rome, Italy
How many years have you been a researcher?
Since 2003
What is your general research focus?
Artificial Intelligence, planning, scheduling, constraint-based reasoning, hybrid reasoning, multi-robot coordination, integration of reasoning and control.
What interests you the most about the Semantic Robotics project?
AI has the potential to provide robotics with an essential feature, namely that of reducing or even eliminating the need to program robots. Thus, AI can drastically reduce the time needed to customize robot platforms for use in different applications, as well as significantly widen the scope of applicability of robotics and intelligent systems. Semantic Robots aims to develop general, robust and portable AI solutions for this pusrpose, and is grounded on a core set of industrially-relevant applications provided by our industrial partners. My ambition is that, upon completion, Semantic Robots will contribute methods, techniques and tools that will prove fundamental for the uptake of robotic technology in the future.
What is your role in the project?
Project leader and leader of Research Direction 3.
What is your greatest success as a researcher?
Bridging the gap between roboticists and AI researchers, eliciting challenging basic research questions from applications.
How do you like to spend your time (hobbies, etc.)?
Traveling, savouring good food, experiencing other cultures, playing the electric bass, reading and watching sci-fi.

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