Farhang Nemati

Born: 1975 From: Urmia, Iran
How many years have you been a researcher?
Since 2011
What is your general research focus?
Real-Time Systems, Synchronization and Scheduling Real-Time Systems on Multi-cores, Scheduling and Coordination of Autonomous Vehicles.
What interests you the most about the Semantic Robotics project?
n general, very interesting R&D challenges in collaboration with industrial partners where it makes possible to do applied research. In particular designing, implementing, and verifying algorithms and protocols for autonomous vehicles.
What is your role in the project?
Develop efficient algorithms for coordination of autonomous vehicles with regard to some objectives, e.g., minimize the overall blocking time of vehicles.
What is your greatest success as a researcher?
Design a new synchronization algorithm for Real-Time Systems on Multi-cores.
How do you like to spend your time (hobbies, etc.)?
Family & friends, movies & series, reading, running, gym.

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